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  • Oczy Buddy , Kathmandu - fot. Maciej Wódzki
    Oczy Buddy , Kathmandu - fot. Maciej Wódzki

Angkana Rungrueanphaisan

Angkana in Mustang 2022

Ankana has been start cooperation with us  since 2018. She is Thai,. She is a great leader during trekking in Laos, Thailand and Nepal. She leads kayaking and rafting trips on wilde water river in Laos and Nepal. She is a great trekking assistant leader in the Himalayas, the Laos Mountains and Thailand. She is an outstanding Thai women who has backpacked difficult treks in the Himalayas like Mustang, Annapurna, Everest.She is also fantastic tour guide for Thailand and Laos.
She speaks English, Lao, Thai

Adventure Expedition